Final Pic For Under The Influence

I choose my photo because I was inspired by Nico Krijno’s photographs of collections of items combined with an unusual background to produce a contemporary photograph. I tried to recreate that by choose a vibrant blue background with the sand to give it texture. His use of color, texture, value, and line inspired me as well. He uses vibrant color and slightly underexposed images to make his art. I tried to duplicate this same technique. I took everyday objects and tried to make something that can not be identified to the naked eye. In a lot of Nico’s contemporary photographs he takes objects and suspends them from nothing. I tried to achieve the same technique with my paper frames. I used the markers for a subtle line. I choose those frames because they had the ice cream cones stuck on them. I felt it give an added burst of color. A lot of Nico’s photographs need to be studied to take in the full image. I wanted to try the same technique. Nico blends the objects into the background while still giving them there own credit. I tried to duplicate the same technique the frames on the left are a lighter blue but still blend in the vibrant blue background. I find Nico to be creative and exciting in his photograph while still presenting this romantic innocence. He is careful with his process and I respect that. He takes the time to hide the details while still making them pop out. I hope this photograph pays homage to Nico’s process.


Under The Influence Nico Krijno Interview Summary

Nico Krijno, is from Cape Town, South Africa, that is where he does a majority of his work and where he does his gallery shows. In 2012 Nico’s first show was at the Museum Gallery in Cape Town. He displayed photographs that he had taken from 2009 to 2011. In total he had around 200 photographs. These photographs consisted mostly of nudes, portraits, and landscapes. Nico is a contemporary photographer. He find most of his inspiration in a collections of items. He mostly takes photos of his wife and objects he finds from everyday life. He likes centered compositions. His main inspiration is German photographer, Thomas Ruff from New York City. Even though he seems to take a completely different approach when it comes to photography. Thomas Ruff technique is very scientific. Often his photos look like planet landscapes. Thomas also takes very vulgar sexual pictures. But Nico seems inspired by the fact that Thomas Ruff does not focus on one subject. I think he also appreciates that Thomas uses different methods and styles in his photography. While Nico is more romantic with his approach. He often photographs his wife. Even shooting pictures of her before they were married and on their honeymoon. He also enjoys turning the everyday objects into collections of art. Nico prefers to shoot photos with a Rollei 35s. He also uses a CONTAX G2, Nikon F3&5, and a point and shoot for his photos. For Commercial use he shoots with a Cannon Digital camera. I find him to be a very inspiring photographer because he makes everyday life look beautiful.



Nico Krijno


Top 5 Portraits

I choose these photos because they encapsulate all things beautiful and fun about summer. The photo of Parker is funny to me. He looks as if he is mocking the man running on his shirt. I loved the vibrant pop of red saturated against the white metal truck. Then I took a photo of Roxy who sun baths whenever she is given the chance. Even though the cement is hard and uncomfortable. She gives you the impression it adds to the warmth she is craving. Next I took a picture of Samantha in Ocean City. She is a little saturated to enhance that warm beach feel. She reminds me of when I was younger walking with my her and my other cousins on the board walk. We just took in the sights of the boardwalk in Ocean City. Then I took the black and white photo of Nikki. I love to make something look old and timeless. Finally I took the photo of Nikki and Minnow in the cool summer shade of the trees. They both were taking in the breeze and sweet summer air. The vibrant green background gives a sense of a relaxing summer day with the ray’s of sunlight coming through the trees. I took these photos to remind myself to enjoy the sweet days of summer. I hope people look at these and want to go out and enjoy the day while capturing a great photo.

Photo Research for Portrait

I choose this photograph because I thought it was a great reminder that not all photo have to be beautiful and vibrate. This photo is a great example of that. Instead it makes you take a second look and ask several questions. Why is she screaming? Is it frustration from not being able to eat all of the desserts? She is pumping herself up to eat all of the desserts? Crouching down and planning her strategy for attack. She the cheerleader and the football player? Like most people is she angry she can’t eat all of the dessert? Does it annoy her that she can’t choose one dessert to eat? I think sometimes pictures are taken to provoke thought and emotion. The photo makes you ponder what she is doing. What would you do in the photo?