Artist Statements

In addition to the leading questions found in your syllabus I thought it might be helpful to go into a bit more detail about what I expect from your artist statements.

First, write these statements as if you were not completing an assignment. Don’t refer to “Assignment #1” or any of the requirements I gave you. Your statement is about  you and your work, and while this course and these assignments are the impetus for that work, all that matters in the end are the final photos. This written aspect of each assignment is an opportunity to practice an essential piece of writing all artists and photographers must do. Therefore treat this bit of text as a window into your work to be read by someone who doesn’t know you or our course. Imagine your 5 photos are on display in a gallery somewhere and that your reader is whoever happens to see your work in this space. What would you want them to know? How would you introduce these images to a stranger?

Second, if you would like further guidance here are some resources that may help. I’ve collected some  articles that discuss the purpose and process of writing artist statements.


How to Write an Artist Statement

4 Ways to Write and Artist Statement

The Anti-artist-statement Statement



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