assignment7 final shot, before and after


This photo has all of the elements of Henri Cartier-Bresson’s work that inspired me to shoot in his style. My camera does not allow me to shoot directly in black and white so I started with the colored original. Converting it in lightroom into black and white. Cartier-Bresson never believed in cropping his work, capturing what he wanted to in the original frame. He also was the master of candid photography, capturing people in natural moments. I feel this phot did both of these things very well. This lady was aware she was being photographed but never tried to pose or change for the photograph. She just reached out, grabbed the fence, and trailed off with her eyes. It captures a certain feeling and mood that is enhanced by the rest of the photo. The window with curtains drawn, the almost institutional doorway, and the plastic ashtray give a good composition, capturing a more complete picture of her environment without feeling cluttered or distracting. I used the lens adjustments to scale from 100 down to 98, leaving the small border of undeveloped space. This is to emulate Cartier-Bresson who always had prints done with the last millimeter of negative space left on to illustrate he had not cropped the work. The only lightroom adjustments I used were to enhance the details of the photo. I increased the contrast, the clarity, and the whites, while decreasing the blacks. I feel this really brought out the details of her face and the contrast of the fence to make the photograph really stand out. I feel like this all combines for a good tribute to Henri Cartier-Bresson and his work, capturing all of the elements that draws me into loving his photographs.


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