Under the influence of Alex Prager Interview Summary

Alex Prager, was born on 1979. She is a self made photographer from Los Angeles, California. Prager was 20 years old when she realized she didn’t want to sit at a desk job for the rest of her life, she wanted to funnel her energy and creativity into something exciting. Prager first visited art galleries and museum to discover if she had any hidden talents. ” I came across the Eggleston exhibit at the Getty Museum”. Soon after she bought her first camera at the age of 21 years old off of EBay for 80 dollars. After reading manual on how to use dark room equipment she began taking photos and would stay up late into the night until she was happy with the results. She used to hang photos in the apartment buildings laundry room. Returning the following day to see what was taken from her collection, she would come to see which photos people enjoyed the most. Once she got into galleries people would tell her how they felt from her pictures. A lot of people expressed they felt a familiarity in her work, as if they knew the people in the photos. Her photos are often seen as images right out of a movie set. She loves the Golden Era lighting in Hollywood, from the 1920’s until the 1950’s. She explained “it has that glow to it, but in dilapidated old scenes, and the subjects look like angles”. Her most recent work are of crowds. “Crowds fascinate me”, gathering people off of the streets and using family members such as her sister which is in every crowd photo, she would then create a scene and let the crowd react upon instincts. She would not give any hints on what her new project was that she is working on but I am very interested on what it entails. You can never rush and artist but I hope to see more work from Alex Prager sooner than later.






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