Into the Gathering: An Emulation of Barry Underwood

DSC_0070 (2) 2

DSC_0070 (2)


Since the beginning of my passion for photography I have been enraptured by night photos.  Night photography presents unique challenges for each setting and yet the results are extremely rewarding.  The middle of the night is an intimidating yet magical time of  Earth’s daily cycle that few people appreciate and even fewer people are able to effectively capture on camera.  Barry Underwood is clearly an exception to that rule.  His work with night photography is vibrant, captivating, and inspiring.  As soon as I glimpsed his photograph Aurora (Green), 2007 I knew I found a photographer whose work my own could aspire to.  While I may not immediately have the skill or opportunity to assemble an impressive portfolio such as Mr. Underwood’s, his work has helped me realize that surreal “nightscapes” are something I will be photographing for years to come.  The image above is the beginning of a long quest to put together a set of photographs that blend my love of nature, photography, and fantasy.  Let this photo take you to a world you never thought could exist.  It’s filled with creatures you’ve never imagined and they’re all waiting for you.  Let this photo take you into the gathering.


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