Assignment 7 final Photo





Edited Photo


Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 11.18.45 AM

Original Photo

I became interested in this photo once I saw my girlfriend walk past the dump truck in my neighborhood. The large dump truck and tires made her look out of place in her vibrant aqua dress. She tried four or five different poses but this one stuck out above the rest to me. I am most inspired by using objects (dumb truck) that were intended for another purpose. On one hand you have this huge machine that moves dirt, rocks, trees ect. On the other hand you have this female that is in a dress standing right next to the dirty truck. They don’t go together but the photo works with her in it.

My main source of inspration came from a photographer named Alex Prager. I find her photos very attractive. Her photos look like someone cut the right out of a 1950’s Hollywood film. The make up and the fashion are big contributers but it isn’t just how the people are portrayed in the pictures. The angles she captures views from aren’t commercial. Her oringnality is refreshing and its a different style than what we see today.

Some of her work is using females in a lone setting. Which is where I bounced the idea from. Her newest subjects are working with crowds of people. I find that very interesting. People can act totally different when they are in a crowd setting. In the future that would be something that I would possibly want to shoot. This photo is going to be one of my favorites, maybe next time ill get a bunch of people in the back of dump truck.


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