Assignment 7 Final Photo

Artist statement:

My inspiration came from the combined talent of Alexander khokhlov and Valeriya Kutsan. There stunning work titled “Weird Beauty” really captivated me and pushed me to try my own hand at creating such photography. I found that the painting of my models was much more difficult than Valeriya made it seem. Acrylic paint was too thick, and metallic paint burned the skin. But through all the challenges that came with this project, I learned a lot about photographing an illusion and a face. I want my viewers to not only see the model behind the paint, but to also see the painting itself. How the faces curves accents certain parts of the painting and how the painting folds itself on the models face. I would certainly like to explore this area of photography more in the future, but maybe with a different painting medium like actual make up. Alexander’s work truly inspired me to reach out of my comfort zone and create more complex pieces. While Alexander did create some simple black and white photos, I found it much more fun and challenging to try and really create something different and recognizable. I didn’t want to stay within the boarders of lines and simple shapes. I feel that while i didn’t capture all of Alexanders talent and style behind weird beauty, I did get much farther than expected and created something unique in its own way. I definitely intent to continue pushing the boundaries in painting and photography and combining the two is perfect practice.


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