Under The Influence Nico Krijno Interview Summary

Nico Krijno, is from Cape Town, South Africa, that is where he does a majority of his work and where he does his gallery shows. In 2012 Nico’s first show was at the Museum Gallery in Cape Town. He displayed photographs that he had taken from 2009 to 2011. In total he had around 200 photographs. These photographs consisted mostly of nudes, portraits, and landscapes. Nico is a contemporary photographer. He find most of his inspiration in a collections of items. He mostly takes photos of his wife and objects he finds from everyday life. He likes centered compositions. His main inspiration is German photographer, Thomas Ruff from New York City. Even though he seems to take a completely different approach when it comes to photography. Thomas Ruff technique is very scientific. Often his photos look like planet landscapes. Thomas also takes very vulgar sexual pictures. But Nico seems inspired by the fact that Thomas Ruff does not focus on one subject. I think he also appreciates that Thomas uses different methods and styles in his photography. While Nico is more romantic with his approach. He often photographs his wife. Even shooting pictures of her before they were married and on their honeymoon. He also enjoys turning the everyday objects into collections of art. Nico prefers to shoot photos with a Rollei 35s. He also uses a CONTAX G2, Nikon F3&5, and a point and shoot for his photos. For Commercial use he shoots with a Cannon Digital camera. I find him to be a very inspiring photographer because he makes everyday life look beautiful.










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