Researching Barry Underwood

Brush Brook, 2012

This photograph is titled Brush Brook, 2012 and it was taken by Barry Underwood.  Although it’s hard for me to choose just one of his works I believe this one is the best representation of what I strive to achieve as a photographer. This photograph combines many of my favorite elements of photography and is supremely executed.  The long exposure of the photo gives the water a very smooth texture which is juxtaposed next to the rough river boulders.  The bright reds contrast very well with the dark forest that surrounds them.  The final aspect to this photo that I find fascinating is that even though Mr. Underwood only shoots late at night it looks as if this might be an overcast day.  The supreme knowledge of his equipment that has to exist to create his photos is what led me to choose Barry Underwood as the photographer to emulate.  Mr. Underwood is a contemporary photography who focuses on creating surreal scenes in nature by using LEDs and other luminescent materials.  Especially impressive is his use of a film camera as opposed to a DSLR.  He has removed the immediate feedback element of photography and to me that shows a mastery of photography that I could only hope to achieve.


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