Portraiture and Light Finalists

Portraits have been around since Neanderthals started painting in caves.  In some cases we’re almost forced into them.  Almost no one is excited about “yearbook photo day” in grade school and yet a high percentage of the population has been subjected to the uncomfortable chair and the bright flash year after year until they get their diploma.  On the other hand, it has become quite popular to be active in portraiture through what is now known as a selfie.  Hop on any social media site and there are selfies abound.  What most people don’t realize is that they’re participating in a slightly less artistic form of self-portraiture.  What sets a good portrait apart from the rest is its ability to tell a story or create a mood for the subject without any background information.  My work tends to focus on the subject’s character.  If the subject is playful then their portrait will show you that.  If the subject is a serious person then that should be relatively evident.  When a photographer forces a feeling or emotion on a subject the results are usually awkward and unflattering.  I prefer candid shots when possible because you can see right through the subject’s exterior and catch a glimpse of their true self.  This set is made up of posed shots, however all of the photos were captured when the subject was focused not on the camera but on their individual thoughts.  When attention is taken away from the artist, whether it be a Neanderthal cave painter or a contemporary photographer, the results will be more natural and better represent the subject.


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