assignment 6 final five


Portraits are a chance to capture something about the subject in the photo that one may not see everyday, or may want to capture and hold forever. My children are the two most important people in my life so they became the perfect subjects for this series of photographs. The majority of the time they are blurs of motion. Smiling, running, playing are they norm. Everyone sees that side of them, and its quite easy to capture. What I was interested in capturing was the side of them that people dont often get to see. The quiet moments, the thoughtfulness, the concentration are present in the photos I have selected.

The first two photographs are of Quinn. I have always loved the look of people in black and white, its my favorite way to see photographs of a person. The first photo of Quinn was the perfect candidate for black and white and adding the vignette seemed the perfect touch to compliment the photo. Providing a halo of sorts around a serene face. The second photo just popped right out at me as a complete picture of stillness that shines through in Quinn when no one seems to be looking. I just did a little cropping and brightened it up a touch as it seemed a pretty perfect picture to begin with.

The second two photographs are of Jude. I chose in the first photo to use the dark vignette because it seemed to match his mood in the picture. There seems to be something under the surface that I thought this photograph did a great job of capturing so I enhanced that feeling. The second picture was just a classic shot of him that wasnt posed. It just came across as a natural moment in the bathroom that I witness everyday. I did some cropping with this photo as well, removing some excess details.

The last photo I included was of me. Being shot in profile and looking away lends a thoughtful air to the photograph. I played with the contrast and clarity to eliminate what I could of the blurriness, but the little bit thats left seems to add an almost dreamlike quality to the photo. I like this photo at the end of the photos of the children because it ties them all together. The photos preceeding this one could almost be the thoughts in my head in the final picture.


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