Top 5 Portraits

I choose these photos because they encapsulate all things beautiful and fun about summer. The photo of Parker is funny to me. He looks as if he is mocking the man running on his shirt. I loved the vibrant pop of red saturated against the white metal truck. Then I took a photo of Roxy who sun baths whenever she is given the chance. Even though the cement is hard and uncomfortable. She gives you the impression it adds to the warmth she is craving. Next I took a picture of Samantha in Ocean City. She is a little saturated to enhance that warm beach feel. She reminds me of when I was younger walking with my her and my other cousins on the board walk. We just took in the sights of the boardwalk in Ocean City. Then I took the black and white photo of Nikki. I love to make something look old and timeless. Finally I took the photo of Nikki and Minnow in the cool summer shade of the trees. They both were taking in the breeze and sweet summer air. The vibrant green background gives a sense of a relaxing summer day with the ray’s of sunlight coming through the trees. I took these photos to remind myself to enjoy the sweet days of summer. I hope people look at these and want to go out and enjoy the day while capturing a great photo.


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