Portraiture and Light


People are one of the more challenging subjects to capture in a quality photo. Light plays a very important role when you are shooting a portrait. Altering the light can cause a drastic mood change of how the subject is being portrayed. In these five photos I am inspired by nature, location, and the subject which is my girlfriend.

My first photo is of myself inside of a abandoned tractor. I wanted to bring the picture alive by reenacting as if I was operating the tractor.  The interior shows the true age of the machine. The tears in the seat cover and the rust on the ceiling rails make the photo stronger. The warning, danger, and caution signs are there as a reminder that operating such machinery needs focus and skill at all times. I am steadily looking in the rear view mirror as if I am backing the tractor up making sure i know where I’m driving.

My second photo is of my girlfriend in the library reading up on a hard back. She is currently studying up for a test called the LSAT, which is a test to get into law school. I thought it was a perfect moment to catch. There are books every where in the photo, my favorite is the reflection of books in her sun glasses.

The third photo is of my girlfriend posing on a cement flower wall. The repeating detail in the wall looks great in front of the bright smooth red brick building. Ashely’s green shorts stand out second to her white shirt. Body posture is very strong in this photo, it almost give the picture motion. Her hair hanging all on one side is very important in this photo.

This fourth photo is just a great shot. There isn’t much going on in the background. The double frame gives the photo secret depth that pushed her forward even more. The key light is not directly on her but it gives her a glow on her hair and shoulder. Although she is looking into the camera she is on the verge of a proud smile. Her green eye pull you in close and the sun kissed green trees let you off easy.

This last photo is definitely my favorite. So many things pull you in on this photo. Shes shinning so bright from the warm sun. Her blonde high lights match the tops of the corn stalks. The green corn field and the green in her eyes keep bouncing back and forth. As she protects her eyes from the sun shes looking right at you. I love this photo.

Capturing a person was challenging but fun. You can get a lot of emotions from a photo of a person. Using the skills I have learned and putting them all together worked out nicely. The sunlight I got was great, many of these photo wouldn’t of been the same if the sun wasn’t shinning.  These pictures each have there own story but not knowing what they are you still understand a picture is worth a thousand word.



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