research assignment 6



This photo was taken by Giulia Bersani, and it was found on booooooom!

This photograph caught my eye early on while doing the research. I continued looking through many other excellent examples of portraits but kept coming back to this one. The absolute darkness in contrast with the woman’s face and shoulder provides a burst to catch attention. The lighting seems really natural to me so I would assume this moment was captured in a dark room with a crack in the curtains perhaps allowing the light to enter the photograph.

I feel in doing portraiture the photographer can capture something more about the subject than just the face they are shooting. This picture does that very well, telling its own story about the woman in the picture. She isn’t the typical happy, smiling subject some may think of when thinking about portraits. The deep well of her eye with the tears coming down her cheek, combined with her posture and the total darkness all around conveys a true sense of loss and sadness. My favorite aspect of the photograph is how the subject seems to be a part of the darkness yet distinct from it, as if she is drowning in whatever personal darkness surrounds her. The way she looks at the camera makes me feel her struggle, as if she is imploring the viewer to save her from the darkness and bring her the rest of the way into the light.






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