Photo Reasearch: Portraits


Photographer: Jodi Champagne


This photograph is from the Life Line series of photos by Jodi Champagne.  I chose it because there are multiple elements that keep drawing me in.  The first is the subject choice.  The woman shown here is obviously elderly but what’s more striking is that I can see the compassion and humor in her eyes.  They hold wisdom and good nature.  The detail that Ms. Champagne was able to capture in this image is incredible and makes it a perfect candidate for this particular series.  I also believe the choice of black and white for this photograph adds to the contrasting values and increases the depth in the shadows.  The final elements that stand out to me are the depth of field and the perspective.  Ms. Champagne had the camera slightly higher than eye level with an aperture setting that allowed for a shallow depth of field.  These two components used in conjunction pull the viewer’s attention right to the woman’s eyes and isolate any distractions.  It is a very compelling photo in a very compelling series.


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