Assignment 6 Final 5

Artist Statement:

When it comes to selfies and portraits of people I try to bring out their personalities and fun side. I tried to bring out both the light and dark within everyone. To highlight the ghosts of our past. I created these photos to inspire fun and to bring out the emotions in people. I want people to laugh or cringe depending on the photo. To see the sleeping cat with all her colors and be awed by the simplistic beauty. Or to laugh at the big orange boy who was camera shy. My goal was to change the boring old selfless and portraits we see everyday, into something deeper and more personal. We all have our demons and hide behind masks as we traverse the day. Some people are camera shy, while others are only photogenic when they are asleep. Some people just naturally work in front of the camera, not due to there looks or editing, but due to their fun expressions and happy nature. I tried to capture different aspects of people, to show both there good and bad. I feel that these photos will bring out a range of emotions in the viewers, and as the photographer, that was the goal. I had loads of fun capturing the silliness in these photos and I am glad i can share it with the viewers. I hope to bring a change into the photography world.


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