Landscape and Nature Finalists

I feel most like myself among the flora and fauna of the forest.  I would prefer a day of hiking in the woods exploring by myself over a day of socializing with friends and family in a heartbeat.  I’ve been that way since I was a very young boy.  Our world is full of amazing natural beauty that I feel is overlooked more often than not.  The photos included in this post are just a small, local sample of what can be found when we open our eyes to nature.

The estuary above is a watershed of the Chesapeake Bay.  Unfortunately, the health of the Chesapeake Bay is deteriorating at a rapid rate and cannot support life in much of its expanse.  Beautiful landscapes such as these should be seen while they still exist and is the reason I captured the photo.

The tree and vine represent a relationship that is very common in the natural world; even our own.  Two species relying on each  My other for continued life.  While the relationships aren’t always healthy for both parties, they are essential for the continuation of the natural world as we know it.

The barnacles in the third picture are actually attached to a glass jar.  This is an example of how humans affect the natural world.  Even taking into consideration all conservation efforts, how long will our world continue to support our ignorance and selfishness?

The red velvet ant, which is actually a wingless female wasp, has a very painful sting.  I was on edge while taking this photo because of my respect for the power of nature.  She represents the violent side of the natural world.

The dragonfly is only one example of the many faces of nature’s beauty.  While most people wouldn’t look at a dragonfly as the persona of beauty, I would argue the opposite.

When taken in together these photos portray not only what is beautiful in the natural world but also what could be lost if we, as humans, aren’t more conscious of the choices we make.


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