Assignment 5- final five

There are so many things in the natural world that the hustle and bustle of everyday life prevents many of us from seeing. From rich textures to vibrant colors, the world around us has so much more to offer than most of us know. In this series I have tried to capture up close and personal some of the beauty this world has to offer in crisp detail. The main focus while editing these photos was to bring out the details in the smallest of places. The main thing I focused on was bringing into focus the details in the photos, trying to reveal the rich textures underfoot, and the vibrant colors that can be found in the world all around us if we only take time to see them.

The first photo highlights life at its purest, myriad forms of life all growing together to create a bigger picture. The richness of the bark with the overlay of plant life and lichen growing right from the trunk is an excellent example of this. The vivid greens of the second picture almost leap right off the photo at you, capturing the green everyone expects from nature in its full glory. The crispness of the textures remind me of being a child, winging these across the playground at my friends on a lazy spring afternoon.

Having grown up in Pocomoke, the cypress knees are a natural part of my world. I wanted to capture them in detail and thats what I did in the third picture. I pulled out the details the best I was able and let them stand, as they always have, for themselves. The peeling away of layers as they grow is an amazing parallel to the process we all go through in our daily lives as we grow as people, stretching ever upwards towards the sky.

With the picture of the dragonfly, I see the design of its wings, the details on its legs and body, and am reminded that everything in this world, both big and small, are marvelous creations. It stirs in me a desire to see the details of the world around me as opposed to trampling them underfoot on my way to my next destination.

The final photo comes back around to the beginning, showing many forms of life all growing together in harmony and with purpose. The mushrooms and other small plants growing from the fallen trunk also serves as a reminder that from every ending there comes a new beginning, a new breath of life. I feel everyone needs to be reminded of this at times, as it can be hard to remember when in the thick of it all. Seeing the forest for the trees can be the biggest challenge we all face, but if we stop and take in the world around us we will find that there are reminders everywhere, from the grand scale all the way down to the smallest cracks and crevices.


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