Top 5 Golden Pics

I took these photographs to capture the beauty of the Eastern Shore. I have lived on the Eastern Shore since I was seven and it has always been my home. Sure you could find many of these objects in other places. But when it is where I live I realize what a special place it is. Many people who come to visit me always act so envious. The everyday pace of life makes it easy to forget how good I have it. So, these photos are to pay homage to the place I call home. Whether it is on a small or large scale.

My first photograph of the pine cone with it’s beautiful rust red, browns, yellow hues, and green highlights was taken on the bank of the Pocomoke River. It’s amazing how many small treasures you can find next to such a large powerful river. I have spent my days and nights sitting next to that river only noticing the water not what surrounds it.

Then I found this log that had fallen in an old cattle ditch in my backyard. Normally this ditch is full of water. It hides these treasures underneath. Resting there for a while growing sea scallop fungus on it. In the middle of something so old and decaying I found these two beautiful purple and green flowers. So vibrant against logs that are losing there color.

The biggest treasure found near my home is the beach. Chincoteague Beach is a place of beauty, texture, color, and shape. Even the curve of the tide rolling out to sea with footprints left behind can catch any eye. The warm of the sand and the cool water are peaceful and soothing to anyone.

It is funny that I took this next picture because Sea Gulls are not normally a treasure I find at the beach. Their noisy and disruptive to the average person. Their always hovering to grab the last crumb of a sandwich. So, it was nice to see them politely standing like ceramic sea art on the beach. Beautifully standing on the sand and shells.

Finally I choose the photograph of the sand castle against the ocean. It reminds me of the all the summer days spent on the beach. I was always playing with family and friends. We would build sand castles and swim in the ocean. I can feel the cool sand soaked in ocean water to make it mold against the plastic castles toys. I would run to the water to rinse my hands off in the water of the breaking waves. Even now I enjoy passing those traditions on to my nieces. My beach is not just a tourist destination but a place filled with memories.

All of these photos remind me of boat trips on the river and dinner on the deck of the local restaurant. When I took a walk in my woods with my husband and dogs. My family and friends spending days together at the beach. I hope these photographs inspire people to take pictures of things and places that remind them of great memories of where they live.



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