Photo Research for Landscape and Nature


Photographer: Chris Morgan


This photo was taken by Chris Morgan at a biological reserve in Costa Rica.  The subject is a hummingbird that grows no larger than 5 inches in length.  I was drawn to this photo because of its clarity and vibrancy.  It is almost unbelievable that someone was able to photograph a hummingbird so closely and have the final image turn out so sharp.  The vividness and range of colors in the bird’s feathers as well as how detailed the emerge from this photo are truly captivating.  The main focus point of the image was perfectly placed on the beak and eye of the bird which almost makes the viewer believe the bird was looking right at them.  Although most photographers think of tiny insects or much smaller subjects than a hummingbird this photo is a great example of how macro photography can be used on relatively larger objects.


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