Final 5 Assignment 5

Artist statement:

These 5 photos are a compilation of the nature that can be found in your own neighborhood or backyard. I focused on bringing out the natural color and the shapes of the trees and rocks found around homes. I want to show people that nature is everywhere and that the photos invoke a sort of sensory response. I wanted to bring out as much detail so that viewers could almost feel the bark or the leaves, that they could smell the pine trees and the wet air after it rains. I wanted people to notice all the different colors in the rocks and to almost want to pick them up and hold them, or feel them under there feet as they walked along a gravel driveway. The sky picture was to show the constant changing mood of the weather. One minute it is cloudy, and another moment it is sunny. The photo shows both the light and dark aspects of the weather through the colors and ominous clouds that are moving in. I wanted to capture nature in its simplest form, through micro shots of the trees, gravel, and log. The photos are both simple, rich in color, and alluring. I wanted to have the photos showcase the tiny details people overlook everyday. The reflection in the water drops on the trees, the lines of age in the log, the segments of the leaves on the pine tree. The photos are meant to show what we don’t see, and the beauty in the simple things.


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