5 top Golden Photos

The theme for my top five photos are living subjects. The first thing that comes to someones mind if you ask them for an example of a living thing is most likely going to be a human. I did not want to focus on humans and let them steel the show, so I chose different living things that may not pop straight into your thoughts. The first photo everyone knows  is alive but may not actually care if so. Very small but extremely strong for its size is a ant. This busy guy is coming back from dropping something off that was two times the size of what he is. Not paying me any mind he crawls right past my camera and into a crease in the bricks. I was most inspired by this nature photo because I caught something that looked like an everyday task and the little guy didn’t budge; he kept right at work.

The next photo is a chameleon that is locked behind bars. This picture is one of my favorites because when I first saw him he was in a different position. After a few minutes this is how he posed close to my hand. This captures a emotion of sadness with one look. Clearly this is not where he belongs. I love his skin and how it looks in the photo. I was hoping he was going to turn a different color for me but not luck.

The third photo is a picture of red seaweed. This living plant is washed up on shore. I took a few pictures of this plant but my favorite is how I got down low close to it. I choose to work so close to the subject because I wanted to see how the ocean would look from this low view. The tilted from work adds to the photo, if it was level I would fear from boredom.

My fourth photo has a lot of personal emotions captured from this particular set of trees. You have to drive past these trees to get to Assateague Island. These living trees make me want to run through them every time I drive by. The s-curve line hugs the windy road. This give yours eyes something to follow throughout the photo.

The last photo is a tiny nature photo of a fly on a leaf in the woods. The fly has a sharp shadow on the leaf that I was focusing on. The focus being on the fly and his shadow stands on the background that is not in focus. From this setting I wanted to make the fly even more of the focal point.

Each photo shoot is a learning experience that I carry on to the next one. Ive put together different techniques as each group of photos past. I hope the learning continues and the photos keep coming out interesting.


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