Night Colors Final Choices

Night photography is challenging yet it yields some spectacular images.  Taking a camera out at night allows a photographer to capture scenes that most people aren’t familiar with.  Some details become less important, brightly lit colors become more vibrant, and those daily scenes that are taken for granted can take on an ominous quality.  For those reasons night photography has become one of my favorite past-times.  More often than night when I shoot for personal reasons I do so at night.  I’ve spent many hours under the stars and made many mistakes in my quest for quality night shots.  I think what’s most alluring about night photography for me is that it requires a lot of work to get the desired shot exactly right.  The photos in this set represent about 8 hours of photography stretching two nights.  The stuffed animals sitting in front of the candle are meant to represent my goofy spirit.  The laptop and camera are an expression of my greatest passion and represent what I spend any available time doing.  The lit pallets represent the multitude of unfinished projects stealing my free time away from photography.  The brightly lit forest scene represents the ominous aspect of night photography and is meant to be slightly haunting.  On the other hand, the sky scene represents all that is beautiful in regard to night photography.  I want the viewer to experience a range of emotions when viewing this photo set.  I want them to study each photo and examine what it means to them personally.  Night photography truly has inspired me and I could only hope to do the same for others.


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