Assignment 4- final five

The first picture was taken in an attempt to capture the explosiveness of the sparkler while still capturing it as a streak. The vibrancy of the sparkler lights stood out very well against the darkness and with the sparks trailing away from the brightest center it looks as if something was being launched into the sky, though in actuality the sparkler was moving from the top to the bottom when captured. There were better examples of light painting but I was drawn to the simplicity of this photo. The second shot was intended to look like a photo taken in the field as a war rages on. The small area of sparks and light in the corner lead the mind to wonder about what the walker has just destroyed, while the hardness of the walker leads to questions of whether that was a good thing or a bad thing. I wanted to bring out the hardness and detail of the AT-AT walker while still keeping the glow of the fire to give multiple light sources causing the scene to appear more dynamic. In the third shot I went back to the idea of framing. I wanted to capture the water of the fountain with light to see what kind of effect I could generate. When I realized I still had a sparkler left, the framing idea came to mind. If I could illuminate the water from underneath without overwhelming the picture I knew it could generate some great effects. In the fourth picture the grand scale of the building really stood out to me, with the way the lights are shining up the front it caused the building to loom over everything. The white marble that juts off the front of the building seemed an excellent focus point for the photo as it is plunged into shadows by the rest of the photos lights. I left the photo slightly askew due to the curve that appears along the top of the building. It also seems to add a wrongness of sorts to the looming structure, almost as if it is bending towards the viewer. In the final photo we have a happy accident. It is not the most solid of pictures, but the colors that were present along the edge of the river at night really stood out to catch my attention. The water and reflections all have an unfocused yet clear impression of the things being reflected, while the edge of the channel maintains a more solid image. I didn’t attempt to remove all the noise or tighten up the details so that the streak of light captured would have a more interesting effect. Leaving the viewer to wonder how in the world the street light was moving while the rest of the world was standing still.


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