Top 5 Night & Color

I love these photos because I have a deep passion for horses and I love to find new techniques to make unusual colorful art. I took these photos at night and I wanted to get lots of vibrate color and beautiful images. Along with my picture of Moonshine, a Chincoteaque pony actually descended from the Misty line. My first picture reminds me of a sea creature in the deepest part of the ocean where only light can be used to see it. I like how the light underneath the scarf gave it a translucent but colorful movement of the object. Almost as if it would glide across the bottom of the ocean. The second picture uses several techniques it get my final image. I simply took a jar and rolled very fine glitter in it. Then I twisted glow sticks on the outside of the jar. I am always very inspired to combined everyday items to make the biggest impact in my photo. The next photo offers a more centered composition. I took the same picture and added light with a small votive candle in the back of the jar. I really enjoyed using my imagination to make my own light and color. I was proud  that I created such a colorful composition. I love the vibrate color in the dark. Moonshine’s picture inspired me because I enjoy riding horses and I find them to be great companions. I started riding was seven and last year I finally started up again. So it was a great moment to catch her in the photo before she walked out of the barn. It was nice to capture my happy place or pony! The last photo again is a great representation of the vibrant light I was trying to capture at night. I think it is amazing that something a simple as three glow sticks together could have such a dramatic affect in photographs. I also want to inspire people to use something ordinary to achieve something extraordinary. I hope you look at my pictures and see the things in life that inspire me.


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