Top 5 4th Photo Shoot

With these five photos I chose to work without the sun and focus on light in dark settings. Materials that I used were sparklers, candles, street lights, car lights, and the flash from my camera. To fully catch the sparklers I slowed down my shutter speed so I could extent the exposure time on the lights. I found success with this method. Capturing light in this fashion was exciting and new. I chose to draw out a design with the sparklers to add a theme of theme in the photo. I also shot a sparkler very close to the lens to capture the feeling of energy. This photo stands out to me because there is great movement and detail throughout the photo. I was drown to the glass bottles by the color that they gave off from the camera’s flash. The repetition and order play an important roll in this photo. They look like they are being massed produced. I was inspired by the shadows and contrast of the photo with the books and the seashells acting as book ends. You get a warm feeling from this photo, this is because the light is from a dim candle. When people see this photo I want them to get the feeling that they can grab a book and just read away. The last picture I am going to discuss has great color. The concept of this photo is what I enjoy. To capture such motion was interesting. I believe catching the lights at night emphasis the energy and opens a bit of curiosity on how the photo is going to end. Seeing the outcome of the finished finished photo leaves me with a slight sigh of relief,  these five photos were the most difficult to shoot up to this point.


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