Assignment 4- 5 Photos (actually 6)

Artists statement

These photos were the most fun to edit and play with. I tried to capture as much color within these photos as I could. And the setting sun was the perfect subject to use to get a nice variation of color as well as to set the mood of the photo. I wanted the sunset photo to give people a feeling of relaxation. I felt the warm tones in the different shades of color really give of a warm vibe that reminds people of vacation or sitting and watching the sunset on the beach. The sparkler photo was more to inspire mystery and childish excitement. Everyone loves sparklers and since the 4th of july passed, i wanted to recreate that excitement in the Photo. I found my inspiration for this photos in both the natural environment, hence the sunset, and in my friends having a ball with the fireworks. We attempted glow sticks as another form of painting with light, but i ended up using the glow sticks for another purpose. The glow sticks worked wonders when stuck in the skull bottle. They illuminated all the curves and features of the glass that was not noticeable in the dark room.  I feel the skull photo was like finding a needle in a hay stack, the colors really accent the skull well. And the colors balance well with the dark surrounding as well as each other. You can just make out the fact that it is a skull, only the colors on the glass hint to this and I feel like that adds a whole new level to the photo. The two crystal photos both hold there own mystery. From the orange crystal color having texture and color accents due to lighting. To the glass crystal holding a range of colors and soft shapes from pinks to light orange-yellows. each is highlighted by a similar light source, but the colors that were captured are vastly different. I hoped to show that to the viewer.


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