assignment 3 final five

In the first photo we have the typical Fulton Hall fountain shot. This picture was taken with framing in mind as I wanted to frame the fountain drawing some interest away from the building entrance back to the center fountain. I found that the trees made for an asymmetrical and flowing frame while the pillars provide a nice rigid and symmetrical frame at the same time. The second photo, the back side of TETC has repeating patterns as you work your way across the photo. I loved the way the building seems to loom above you and wanted to capture it. The center most window on the bottom floor is framed nicely by the building and is a focal point in the photo, which I believe adds to that looming quality. In the third photo I played with the colors, trying to tease out as much character from the bricks as possible. I found it real interesting when manipulating the colors, that the white rectangle stopped being unblemished when I played with the orange. I thought I could see the beginnings of cracks there so when the blotchiness appeared I was quite surprised. I think that it adds a lot of personality to the plain white end of the journey and helps it contrast some against the overwhelming whiteness beyond the bricks. The fourth photo fits best as a framed shot, though it took me a moment to realize that was what it was. I lightened the shadows and played with the contrast to try and bring the upstairs as much into focus as the reflection of downstairs. It worked out the way I wanted as it becomes almost difficult, at a glance, to discern which side of the glass is the reflection and which is whats actually on the other side, without studying the details further. The final picture I switched to black and white and darkened the background to really draw out the light fixture and to a lesser extent the window. I wanted to create an emptiness around the fixture to create the only light in a very dark place, while the tiny window offers some clue that there is an outside to the dark place if you can find your way to it.


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