Top 5 3rd photo shoot

Our third assignment focused on vertical vanishing points, no vanishing points, frame your shot, repeating patterns, and minimalism. I touched briefly on each but few likeable photos came out. I visited Ocean City’s board walk and found many different types of repeating patterns that also became very appealing. I chose the strongest photos that I took, all but one of my top five photos are repeating patterns. Feeling confident about all the different types of man made repeated patterns gives more than one example when you think of a pattern repeating itself. My second photo I captured the lights on a boardwalk ride. Although there is a lot going on in this photo the detail with the artwork which was painted on by an artist was overshadowed by the bright lights on the ride. This picture was taken late afternoon, the light from the sun had almost gone away which made each light glow bright. My second photo of repeating patterns was taken of two horses on the carousel. I don’t think carousels are as popular as they used to be so I wanted to capture a part of one. I want people to look at the photo and know exactly what they are looking at even though you don’t see the full ride. Ferris wheels are traditional, and are fun. I liked the view that the cars came into the picture and left the picture also. I love the blue of the cars and how it looks against the blue sky. The last photo of the bottles is one that caught my eye quickly, because of the colored lights that shine up from underneath the bottles. The blue and red lights are really nice. I wish there was one bottle that had both blue and red shinning on it…next time. I forgot to mention the first photo which is minimalism. If I didn’t actually take the picture I would be very curious to why a traffic light was right on the beach. The picture actually doesn’t make any sense, but I like it. The pretty plain sky adds great color in the photo with the yellow traffic light. Not too much is going on but the color helps capture the stillness.


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