Top 5

I choose these photographs to represent architecture through minimalism, vertical vantage point, no vertical vantage point, repeating patterns, and framed shot. The first photo is of the corn field with the roads going away on either side, and the stop sign in the middle. This is used to show no vertical vanishing point with the two roads. The repeated patterns is seen in the corn in the field. The next photo was of the bridge house that used vertical lines with the sidewalk and the posts. Repeating pattern is used as the rail wraps around the sidewalk. I framed the next photo using the trees with the boat house in the background. I found this picture to being whimsical and enchanting focusing your attention to the boat house and man with the geese. Next the boat house picture with the door open offers a minimalistic view of the plain wall. I incorporated the trees to frame the shot more while adding a more natural affect. There is so much happening in the opening of the door and inside the building yet nothing is happening on the blank wall outside. Finally I framed in the town and small bridge using the larger bridge and trees. I think this offered more of a unique vantage point. I feel the bigger bridge encapsulated the smaller bridge. While the framed trees around the larger bridge softened the bridges. I hope people see my architecture and see more view than a building but the story that plays in or around the building. I used this photo as my top five because I was trying to go outside of my comfort zone using less color and more natural aspects to incorporate architecture.


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