research assignment 3


I found this picture in booooooom, the photographer is Ambroise Tezenas. What initially drew me into this picture was the vibrancy of the colors, the purple glow, the headlights, and the glowing mosque(?) in the center. This caught my attention and once I looked further I saw all the lines in the picture which pull my eyes towards the two towers in the distance. This is what kept my attention. I really like the way the buildings not only create lines leading you further down the street but also become a frame for the glowing building in the center. There are many other lines in the picture pulling you towards this building, the row of parked cars, the line of blurred headlights, even the the street signs and awnings. The blue and yellow of the building in the center seem to make it pop out amongst the “noise” of the city around it, almost lending it an otherworldly look amongst the darker, busier cityscape it is tucked away in.


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