Photo Research #3


Photographer: Natan Dvir


I chose this photo for it’s story as well as it’s technical aspects.  This photograph seems to have two vanishing points fairly close the each other.  The first is created by the winding makeshift road.  The second is slightly higher and slightly to the left of the first and is created by the two rows of houses.  Although those are the only technical aspects that meet this assignment’s requirements the story behind the photo is what makes it so powerful.  After Hurricane Sandy had dissipated Natan Dvir went into nearby communities and photographed the aftermath.  It was his only way to cope with his emotions.  This particular photograph is of a street in Queens.  A year later asked him to retrace his footsteps and retake the photos he had in 2012.  The photograph of this street in 2013 shows a functioning (even if it’s not flourishing) neighborhood that would fit into almost any beach town on the East Coast.  The power of the photo above lies not only in what it shows us but also what it represents.


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