Assignment #3 Final Choices

Assignment #3, with its focus on architecture, made me shoot something I don’t have much experience with.  Most people have taken incidental photos of architecture but usually don’t pay attention to the aspects we have discussed in this course.  By integrating vanishing points, repeating patterns, minimalism, and framing the architecture being shot can take on a mood of its own.  The most difficult part of the assignment for me was the minimalism.  I traditionally fill the backgrounds of my photos and because of that it was difficult for me to find a good minimalist shot.  The aspect of this assignment that I enjoyed the most was the vanishing point requirement.  I find that the lines in a photo are settling to me and I personally enjoyed working with them.  This assignment also represented an opportunity for me to learn about and attempt forced perspective shots.  I cherish any opportunity to learn new aspects of photography and forced perspective is especially alluring.  Tricking the human mind isn’t an easy task and forced perspective allows a photographer to do just that.  The photos above accentuate the requirements for this assignment and represent another small development in my photography knowledge.  I resisted increasing the vibrancy of the photos in post-processing because I did not want to take the focus away from the technical elements.  I was also able to work a long exposure shot into the final set and that always makes me happy.  Like the previous assignments, these requirements challenged me to focus more on technicalities and pay attention to what I was shooting.


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