Assignment 3- final 5

Artists comments:

For this assignment i had the most trouble actually finding buildings and architecture to take the 100 photos of. I am going to be going back and redoing this project with my new knowledge of the requirements. I did find some good subjects to use for this photo set. Such as the high school across from my apartment, and the campus’s secret garden. When people see my photos I want them to be captivated by both the simplicity of some of the photos, and by the colors i chose to enhance. For the photo of the secret garden. i tried to make it as vibrant and colorful as possible. I wanted to have as many colors pop, that you wouldn’t normally notice because they would have been dull or subtle. I really enjoyed editing the first photo because I was able to get the posts to pop out more, while lightening the sky so that the clouds wouldn’t show. I felt that having the dark colors and blues pop against the stark white sky gave the photo more depth. For the Frame your shot photo i tried to bring out as much color I could on the building and plants because I wanted it to have a hyper realistic feel. Sort of a fantasy feel since the area that the photo takes place is called the secret garden. I also felt like a few of the photos needed lightening because they were originally dark and dull compared to the final outcome. All in all i really like the outcome of the photos and feel they work well in there own ways.


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