final five- assignment 2

IMG_0119 IMG_0145 IMG_0147 IMG_0170 IMG_0197

For the final five pictures, the editing mostly came down to trying to tease out the colors or the textures present in the photos. The first and fourth photos I attempted to capture the textures. The stairs as a matter of focus, trying to tighten up the higher level of the staircase to help offset the blur of the lowest level. For the building focusing in on the area of texture present keeps the edge of the building and beyond out of focus, leading to a better result. Creating a sense of distance to the top that just truly present. The other three photos were all about color.

With the second photo I tried to soften the background and enhance the flower to make the flower pop out more. By blurring the distinctness of the filaments while enhancing the color, I feel the flower took on a life of its own. With the car and cat photo I just tried to highlight the cars blueness more, while not skewing all of the other colors present in the photograph. In the final photo with the rain drops on the flowers, I enhanced the details as much as I could figure out how, allowing the colors and other features of the flowers to be very distinct. I wanted to pull out the details in the picture, the water drops and the veins in the flower petals in particular. I really like the look of both flower pictures and may play with them further as I feel I can do even better as I go.



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