Assignment #2 Final Picks






This assignment was difficult for me because I took each element too literally.  I never stopped to think that the lines, shapes, and value were all around me.  That lack of insight essentially caused me to lose an afternoon’s worth of photography time.  One other thing that made assignment 2 difficult for me was the inability to shoot in black and white.  I had to attempt to assess the value of each potential photograph without the benefit of immediate feedback.  All of the photos included in the final selection fill multiple requirements for this assignment and I believe that’s what makes them compelling photographs.  The Salisbury University campus was especially appealing for this assignment because it allowed for a range of quality shots that fulfilled the lines, shapes, and value requirements.  I spent most of my time and energy for this assignment on campus exploring all of the elements of design that it had to offer.  Although my brush with Salisbury University PD was unexpected it was also almost comedic.  During my experience as a photographer I’ve been in many situations when I thought the police would be called.  Yet, the only time I’ve ever had them stop me was during an assignment for a course to become a better photographer.  The irony of the situation isn’t lost on me.  In fact, the story of being stopped for the first time by the police during a photographic excursion will stay with me for some time.  It reinforces the notion that photography always offers new experiences, expected or not.  This assignment may have been difficult for me but I enjoyed it for it’s simplicity and impromptu adventure.


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