I choose this photograph because it offers a dramatic vanishing point from the tunnel of vines. It is unexpected that the vines would add so much depth to the picture. While at the same time there is a texture from the vines that adds more of a dramatic effect as opposed to if the picture was a smooth concrete tunnel. I was drawn to the photograph because it offers a haunting and pleasant effect from the vines and grass. I am not sure if the girl will be swallowed by the vines or make it through to the other side. So it is great conflict of response when you look at it. It also has great value with the little girl and the opening on the other side of the vine tunnel. The white balance of the little girl is captivating. If the picture was in color I don’t think the effect would be as great as in black and white. This is a beautiful haunting picture. 












Mysterious Landscapes of People Exploring the World by Nicolas Bouvier travel landscapes


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