Assignment one- final five


IMG_0161 IMG_0166 IMG_0168 IMG_0201


This assignment was all about me getting to know my camera and some of the things it is capable of doing. In the first picture what drew me to it was the angle at which the building appears to be leaning. I attempted to enhance the contrast between the glass and non glass portions of the building. The second and third pictures were attempts to capture various lights at night and experimenting with the effect lights can have on photos taken at night. In the mist under the lamp in the taco bell photo, a heart shaped glow appears where there was nothing, and in the third the moonlight on the cloud in front of the moon allowed me to manipulate the image into looking much like the moon is a cell in the process of dividing. The last two photos are clearly TETC. The blurry one was something most people on campus should recognize but is out of focus almost as if memory of the spot instead of a photo. The last one I was drawn to by the texture of the bricks and the lines leading away from the camera. I wanted to really enrich the bricks so I played with the color and contrast hoping to bring out the roughness and richness of the brick. 


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