Assignment 2: 5 favorite photos

IMG_0311 IMG_0323 IMG_0325 IMG_0354 IMG_0394

Artist statement:

For this assignment since we were focusing on lines, texture, value, color, and shapes I decided to use more subjects found on campus. I also made an effort to go out and catch  bunch of toads to photograph due to their interesting texture, shapes and lines. I was most interested in the toads because each one is unique and has their own defining patterns on their backs. I was most inspired by the ponds around my apartment complex because thats where all the toads originate from and at night they come out to hunt for bugs. This made catching them exciting because you had to see them in the dark, and catch them in the wet grass. For this assignment i tried to be more selective with the pictures i took. I actively looked for my subjects and tried to get a wide range of photos that each covered at least one of the requirements.

I did go back and re-edit the photos to remove some of the static and to clean up the colors more. I do like the new set more because the colors pop and the images are clean and crisp. My favorite would be the frog because of how his face is in focus, but the rest of him is slightly blurred due to the water that as on the glass. He also has a very grumpy face to him and his patterns stick out well compared to the blurry surrounding. I feel like the textured waterfall piece is also vibrant without much editing because you get all the texture from the water flowing over the lip of the bowl and the reflection of the lighting gives it a very realistic feel. I lightened the photo a little bit to give it more clarity, but other than reducing the static, i did not mess with that photo very much.



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