#2 top 5 photo

DSCN0584 DSCN0589 DSCN0604 DSCN0612 DSCN0620

After I took the photos for the 2nd assignment I didn’t feel as confident as I did after the first assignment. Even though the weather wasn’t what I wanted, I choose to work outside to capture the materials and subjects. After looking at the contact sheet and reviewing each photo some of the pictures really caught my eye. I became interested in the mood that I felt from the photos I chose. Three out of the five photos all share great texture from being outside. They all have some form of moisture in them. I am most inspired by nature. Nature is extremely beautiful to me, whether it may be attractive or not. I also enjoy bright colors, especially when they help one another pop such as blue and red. Complementary colors awesome I even like wearing them. The photo of the Lucky Charms focuses on the shapes, color, and texture of the cereal. Every piece isn’t perfect but but when you look at them as a whole you don’t notice the holes in the frosted toasted oats or the smearing of color in the marshmallows. The last photo with book bag up against the brick wall reminds me of elementary school. I lived a mile or two away from the school growing up. Often times I stay after school and play on the playground with friends. I would leave my book pack over on the wall until I was ready to leave. My favorite photo is the book bag picture. I have a lot of memory’s growing up and elementary school was a strong one.


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