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When people see my photos I want the pictures to bring out a feeling or emotion when you look at them. I believe that a photo, good or bad, can draw up emotions after one has seen it. My goal for this class is to be able to create a feeling by doing just that. My first photo is a reflection of myself with my arms and head hanging over a bridge railing. My initial thought was “hey there is my reflection”, but I couldn’t see sharp details. I showed the peace sign because I believe in peace in this world. Part of me feels like peace, love, and happiness are slowly dwindling from our society. My next photo has a herring perched on wood near a small dam. I thought it was only right to chase him down and take his photo due to we live on the eastern shore where this bird is represented frequently. He looked proud. The third photo files under the category of blur. As a bridge is across the background of the photo, the focus is on stapled ring that has a few spider webs inside of it. Even though there isn’t any traffic in the background, it still looks busy. When I focus on the ring it makes me feel calm and relaxed. In my fourth photo that reliable trustworthy feeling is my main focus. The photo of an old padlock on rustic dark red door screams “I’m here to stay!” The chipped paint and tiny holes play an important part in the photo. With this photo I was expressing a statement. Locks can be broken but it’s going to take a bit of work. My last photo may be one of my favorites. Taking an astronomy class here at the university opened my eyes and my mind about the rest of the earth, the solar system, and the universe. The moon appears rather small in the photo. The space between the earth and the moon are 238,900 miles apart, yet we can still see it with the naked eye. The horizon line and telephone wires lead you to the bright moon up in the top right.



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