Photo research 2 – Nico Krinjno


I chose this photo because not only is is covered in all sorts of lines and shapes, but it also has a very vibrant color pallet going in the red hue.  There are lines all over the photograph that really draw your eye around. there are lines on the walls of the building, there are lines that are the edges of the building and the pieces of metal sheet board. lines lines and more lines! another thing that is created from all the lines is all sorts of funky shapes. the shapes help give the building character and break it away from being a boring photo. The shapes cause you to try to fit them all together to figure out what they create and build. The shapes also cast shadows which help to change the color pallet on this photo from just being one shade of red. I see reds, pinks, blues, blacks and a host of other colors that are created by the light and shadows on the structure. the way the building looks broken up and pieced together really draws my eyes. I can’t tell if the photo messed up and caused it to be like a puzzle with different pieces or if the photographer did that effect on purpose.


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