Kevin’s Final Choices for Assignment #1






Taking the photos for this assignment was not easy for me.  Although this course is my first formal photography instruction, I’ve been teaching myself the ins and outs of becoming a “good” photographer for more than 5 years.  Most of the lessons I’ve learned have been through making mistakes.  It was difficult for me to purposely break my own unofficial rules.  The photos I took while my lens was out of focus surprised me because I actually liked most of them.  I think the hardest part of the assignment was creating a “good” photo using “bad” techniques.  I’ve never liked mainstream photography rules because they aren’t universal and this assignment helped reinforce for me that some rules are meant to be broken.  I knew the lightening, light painting, and out of focus light photos were going to make the final cut but I was surprised by the bunch of bananas and the toy truck.  The banana photo grows on me every time I look at it.  It also didn’t occur to me until it was pointed out that the toy truck seems ominous or menacing.  In Lightroom I attempted to enhance all the positive qualities and minimize, to the best of my abilities, any aspects of the photos that didn’t add to the overall image.  When people see my photos I hope for two things.  The first is the wow factor.  I want people’s jaws to hit the floor in some of the more creative or exotic photos.  The other thing I would like to do is inspire others to try new things with their own photography.


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