Assignment 1: 5 favorite photos

IMG_0165 IMG_0195 IMG_0205 IMG_0218 IMG_0280

Artist statement:

the subjects for these photos were vary mixed. They range from gargoyles and cats to plants and abstract items. I choose these subjects because they seemed the most interesting and captivating in the final photos. I was not a fan of this assignment because it was very challenging to actually mess up a photograph on purpose with a camera that is always trying to get the best photo possible. I was most interested in the bas exposure aspect of the assignment because it found the over exposed photos to be very striking due to the large amount of white. The bicycle rack picture is a perfect example of this because the white and the black are very contrasting and cause a nice balance that really works for the photograph. I want people to be engaged by my photo and to see the hidden beauty behind each. Such as the picture of the bottle and cat silhouette. The camera captured the bottle and cup in more detail causing the cat in the background to be a fuzzy black silhouette. The cast became the secondary focus in the photo but you are still aware that it is there. I choose to work with items around my home and bike route because those are areas i traverse and are a part of me. I feel that using these subject are a good way to represent myself to the people seeing my work. I was inspired by everyday things around me like my cat and nature. My fishtanks are a big inspiration but my shrimp are horrible at sitting for photos. For the photographs I both go with the flow and take random photos as well as try to come up with interesting photo ideas that i then flesh out. I am a spontaneous person and i find that translates well for my photos.


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