Photo Research 1: Mysterious Megalithic Stones

Calanais Stone Alignment, Isle of Lewis, Scotland, 2005.

I choose this photo because it falls under the blur requirements. The stones in the photo are slightly blurred and seem to blend into the background slightly. The entire photo has a foggy feel to it making me want to wipe the screen to try and see the image clearer. Another thing that drew me towards this photo was the limited contrast in color. It has a very smokey gray feeling throughout and all the colors fall under a black and white spectrum. There is no pop of color or anything that sticks out to the eye other than the contrast of the gray and blacks used to distinct the stones from the surrounding. the burred effect works well for this photo because of the creepy and foggy feel it gives it. It has an heir of mystery that is given off due to the bad photography implemented for this photo.




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