Kevin C. Artistic Research 1: Barry Underwood

Aurora Green, 2007

Aurora Green, 2007

Photographer: Barry Underwood


Although this particular blog had many photographs with “light painting”, this one was by far my favorite.  As a photographer I really enjoy taking long exposure shots.  They’re challenging and each one is unique.  Barry Underwood has the added challenge of shooting with a film camera.  He doesn’t have the immediate feedback we would have while working with digital media.  This photograph appealed to me for a number of reasons.  The focus is sharper than in most of the others, it combines different lighting conditions in one photograph, there are numerous colors that blend well together, and in this single photograph Mr. Underwood was able to capture multiple landscapes.  The photo has elements of focus, silhouetting, blurring, and vibrancy.  I think the light mountains in the distant background balance and contrast perfectly the silhouetted tree in the foreground.  While all of these things seems to make the photo a “good” photo it does break the rules for blur and exposure.  The water in the foreground is blurred (likely due to waves or a tide) and most of the photo seems underexposed.  Although I believe, in this case, these elements add quality to the photo they technically lend themselves to a “bad” photo.


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